Talent initiative seeks to bring prospects home to Hamilton County


An innovative talent attraction initiative of the Hamilton County Economic Development Corp. and Invest Hamilton County has been met with an encouraging response.

The initiative will connect these individuals to interested employers throughout Hamilton County.

The HCEDC signed a partnership agreement with TMap in 2020 with funds granted by the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners and Hamilton County Council. TMap uses big data and targeted marketing to recruit talent for the state of Indiana.

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The initial partnership identified individuals who graduated from Hamilton County high schools and used the TMap platform to find information regarding where those graduates live and their profession, along with gauging their interest in returning to the county. The publicly available data helped identify more than 21,000 local graduates. TMap also works with universities throughout the state to bring graduates back to Indiana.

Mike Thibideau, HCEDC vice president or workforce strategy, said 5,000 individuals expressed interest in being connected to a local employer and potentially relocating to Hamilton County.

“We are actively marketing to help bring these individuals back to Hamilton County,” Thibideau said. “Some of these are from the pool of 21,000 but also within this are individuals who graduated from one of Indiana’s universities, and/or individuals who data has indicated would be prime candidates for relocation.”

Thibideau said interested employers can reach out to him or TMap to get connected.

“Getting a profile set up is simple, and employers only pay when successful placements are made at a fraction of the cost for normal headhunting or recruiter services,” Thibideau said. “For many employers throughout the county, identifying talent is currently a challenge. We have a pool of 5,000 qualified leads who are interested in working here. This is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for high-skill talent.”

The fields of software engineering, engineering, sales, operations, data and analytics, finance and information technology generated hundreds of positive responses.

Thibideau said the HCEDC will create connections for individuals relocating to the county with housing, community programming, events and opportunities for community engagement through local nonprofits and social networks.

“We are building a slate of programs that promotes the excellence of our ecosystem for potential and current residents,” Thibideau said. “Our goal is that when an employer signs on with this initiative, they and the potential employee have everything they need to realize life in Hamilton County at its fullest potential.”

Mike Rutz, executive vice president of TMap, said Hamilton County is leading the way in community recruitment.

Interested employers can contact Mike Rutz of TMap at [email protected] or Thibideau at [email protected].