Current Road Construction



Project: Range Line Road reconstruction

Location: Between City Center Drive and Elm Street. The project will include construction of a new roundabout at Walnut Street (6th Street) and Range Line Road.

Expected completion: Work on the roundabout is set to begin after July 6 with a full closure of the intersection expected for approximately 75 days.


Project: Westfield Boulevard roundabout and culvert installation

Location: South of 116th Street to 111th Street. The project includes a new roundabout at 111th Street and culvert installation at Carmel Creek.

Expected completion: Work on the roundabout is expected to begin on or after May 10 and last for 45 days. Once that is completed, work will begin on the culvert installation. The road is expected to reopen in mid-August.


Project: Burial of overhead lines

Location: Guilford Road between Grand Boulevard and Main Street

Expected completion: End of 2021


Project: Sidewalk installation and drainage upgrades

Location: Shoshone Drive and Oswego Road

Expected completion: Work is expected to begin in May and last 60 days.


Project: Median and multi-use path installation

Location: Range Line Road between Carmel Drive and 116th Street

Expected completion: Work is expected to begin in the fall and last 100 days.


Project: New roundabout

Location: 111th Street and College Avenue

Expected completion: Work is expected to begin on or after Sept. 6 and last 60 days.



Project: Nickel Plate Tunnel Project

Location: Beginning June 1, 116th Street will be closed from east of Municipal Drive to west of Maple Street for the duration of the construction. Local business will remain open. 106th Street will serve as the main detour route beginning at Hague Road for eastbound traffic and Lantern Road for Westbound. Lane restrictions on 116th Street have already begun, and will be in effect from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. until the completion of the project.

Expected completion: An estimated 60 days, opening expected in late July or early August.


Project: 131st Street reconstruction

Location: 131st Street between IN-37 and Britton Park Road. That portion of 131 st Street will be completely closed.

Expected completion: The project began on April 26 and will take approximately three months to complete. Project should be completed by late July.


Project: Admirals Pointe Drive closed

Location: Between E 86th Street and Old Stone Road.

Expected completion: Work will last through mid-summer 2021 as crews replace a timber bridge over Geist and the north fork of Dry Branch.



Project: Maple Lane, Zoeller Ave and Wellington Drive Water Main Replacement

Location: There will be lane restrictions on each of the three roads, the details of where the lane closures will be are not yet available.

Expected completion: Project will begin in late June or early July and continue until September



Project: Olio Road and 146th Street Intersection

Location:  The Olio Road and 146th Street Improvement project is widening Olio Road from 141st Street to 146th Street to four lanes and 146th Street from Bergen Boulevard to Olio Road to three lanes as well as constructing a two-lane roundabout at the intersection of those two streets. In addition, significant drainage improvements in the area, including relocation of a legal drain, as well as a sanitary sewer extension will occur.

Expected completion: The intersection closed March 15 for 108 days.

Detour: Motorists should use Prairie Baptist Road, 156th Street, Boden Road and Campus Parkway to avoid the closure.


Project: 236th Street East Rehabilitation Project

Location: 236th Street between Deming Road and Devaney Road is closed to all thru traffic for road rehabilitation. It is Phase II of the 236th Street East Rehabilitation Project.
Expected completion: Aug. 3.

Detour: Local traffic will continue to have access to their homes, while thru traffic is asked to utilize the posted detour route of 256th Street, Anthony Road and Devaney Road.


Project: Beginning on or after June, Anthony Road will be closed for reconstruction and realignment as part of the East Street Extension Project.

Location: Anthony Road between Ind. 38 and 216th Street

Expected completion: July 1


Project: Ind. 38 lane shift

Location: There is a temporary lane shift on a section of State Road 38 near Grassy Branch Road while work on the north side of the road is completed for the East Street Extension Project. Additionally, Anthony Road will be closed from State Road 38 to the north for 30 days.

Expected completion: July


Project: New roundabout construction

Location: The intersection of 171st Street and Carey Road closed June 6 for 60 days for the construction of a roundabout. Follow the direction of detour signage during this time.

Estimated completion: Early August


Project: 146th Street roundabouts

Location: A section of 146th Street between Towne Road and Shelborne Road is being rerouted south for a Hamilton County project. This section of 146th Street is being constructed to connect to the roundabouts. Drivers are encouraged to use caution in the area and follow the direction of signage.

Expected completion: Aug. 1.


Project: Jersey Street

Location: From Union Street to Mill Street

Expected completion: Jersey Street will be closed for the remainder of the Grand Junction Plaza construction.


Project: Grand Junction Plaza

Location: The parking lot west of Union Street and south of Main Street

Expected completion: The gravel parking lot on the east end of Park Street is permanently closed as the Grand Junction Plaza is moving into the construction phase. Parking is available on the west end of Park Street.


Project: East Street extension

Location: East Street is being extended north from 196th Street to Ind. 38. Utility relocations are ongoing.


Project: Natalie Wheeler Trail 

Location: On Union Street between Mill and Jersey streets.

Expected completion: Closed during construction of the Grand Junction Plaza, estimated completion in 2021.



Project: North-South Connector

Location: The final element to begin on the project is the new, two-lane roundabout on Oak Street at CR 850 E., also known as Cooper Road. While Oak Street is planned to remain open to traffic throughout this phase, CR 850 E. will close south of the intersection for approximately 30 days during construction. This is due to the change in elevation; the roundabout will be higher than the cross-street, so a temporary access cannot be provided.

Expected completion: The closure dates have not been announced yet, but the project is expected to be complete this summer.

Project: CR 500 S. widening

Location: The project is similar to the CR 400 S. project in that it widens and resurfaces CR 500 S. from CR 875 E. to approximately .4 miles west. A full road closure is anticipated.

Expected completion: Summer 2021