Couet joins Art on Main as emerging artist


Marcie Couet’s colorful abstract paintings are her specialty and passion.

“With intuitive abstracts, you start with a direction but no particular destination in mind,” Couet said. “So, when the painting starts coming together, there’s a moment of awe. Experiencing that unexpected outcome is powerful. It’s definitely a part of the passion.”

The Franklin resident recently joined Carmel’s Art on Main, 111 W. Main St., as an emerging artist on a permanent basis.

“I’m convinced that galleries, interior designers and other commercial firms are valuable partners in the art business,” Couet said. “The gallery owners are perceiving a demand for bold abstracts, and I’m hoping to connect with buyers who have their heart set on a large, original abstract to transform their space.”

Art on Main’s March exhibit, which includes the “Meet Me on Main” event from 5 to 9 p.m. March 13, is focused on emerging artists.

For the exhibit, Couet decided to share one large abstract and a few mini paintings.

“I’ve been gravitating towards creating either very large or very small paintings,” she said. “I’ve got some cool mini abstracts that feel like jewels to me, small but exquisite, something you want to collect and display together. Over the next few months, I plan to have several sets to share.”

Couet’s background includes writing, video production and photography.

“I’ve spent years producing creative products that rely on composition from brochures, to web pages to videos,” Couet said. “So, when I started painting, composition was one area in which I was already experienced. Painting is wildly, cognitively challenging, so having that under my belt has been helpful.”

Lisa Pelo, a blown and fused glass artist from Clayton, will join Art on Main as a permanent artist as well.

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