Westfield Fire Dept. begins virtual fire inspections


Westfield Fire Dept. began virtual fire inspections Jan. 1 as a way to continue to provide services without increasing spread for COVID-19.

WFD will contact businesses to schedule the virtual inspections, or Division Chief of Fire and Life Safety Jim Roberts said businesses can contact the fire department.

“We set a time for a Zoom meeting or FaceTime walk through of the business and walk through with them,” Roberts said. “They will have the have camera, iPad, phone, computer, whatever is best for them and walk through and we can talk to them at the same time and say, ‘we would like to see this or this electrical panel or exit way’ and be able to see it in real time and not being in person to keep exposures down.”

WFD provides a fire inspection for each business in the city every year.

“2020 had been a challenge as you can imagine,” Roberts said. “About the time we opened up and were ready to go out and do inspections is (when COVID-19 hit). We weren’t able to get that done completely as we liked to see.”

For business owners who have questions or would like to schedule a virtual fire inspection, email [email protected] or call 317-804-3307.