Sign Gypsies business grows amid pandemic 


Stacie and Nick Vetor ordered a sign from Sign Gypsies Zionsville in August 2019 for their triplet daughters’ birthday.

“I was intrigued by the business model and asked her to stay in touch,” Stacie said of the Zionsville owner. “Sign Gypsies corporate is in Texas. Each territory is a franchise. In March 2020, the Zionsville owners were busting at the seams with orders as booking requests increased dramatically during the pandemic. It seemed like the right time to purchase the franchise because other than work, we had a lot of time on our hands.”

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The Vetor family, from left, Ryan, Olivia, Nick, Norah, Stacie and Allie. (Submitted photos)

So, the couple, who have lived in Noblesville more than 17 years, opened Sign Gypsies Noblesville in May.

“We were just as busy through the summer when people were a little more lax with COVID as we are now again with increased numbers,” Stacie said.  “But definitely many inquiries that come in are due to being unable to have a child’s party or a child being in quarantine during their birthday.”

Nick has a full-time job and Stacie has a home-based business and both work in the sign business.

“We added this as an additional stream of income for our family,” Stacie said. “We have also hired two amazing neighbors who help us when the workload is heavy.”

The couple’s children assist as well.

“Once our children begin driving, they will be working this business more,” Stacie said. “Right now, they help us put away signs, prep signs going out, etc. “

Son Ryan, 14, is an eighth-grader at Noblesville East Middle School.  Allie, Norah and Olivia are 11-year-old triplets and fifth-graders at Stony Creek Elementary.

“As an entrepreneur, my desire is to teach the kids how to run a small business,” Stacie said. “As they get a little older not only will the be helping with the setups and pickups but also the office work of email communication, invoicing, budgeting, tracking inventory, etc.”

Sign Gypsies Noblesville services Noblesville, Cicero, Arcadia, Atlanta and Tipton. Sign Gypsies Zionsville now owns rights to Zionsville, Carmel, Westfield, Sheridan and some parts of Indy. Sign Gypsies Fishers has rights to Fishers and other surrounding areas. Stacie said both of the other franchise owners have been a huge help as the couple has built its business in Noblesville.

“Our signs are a rental for our customers but we do all the work of creating the individualized sign, setting it up securely and removing it,” Stacie said.

“We offer signs of all sizes. Most signs require at least 10 feet of space. Our full Happy Birthday sets are up to 30 feet long.”