Letter: Simple solution for bothersome political ads



In response to Pam Jackson’s letter (to the editor) on Nov. 17, let me clarify a few points. Hale came out “firing” with her nasty TV ads first, exaggerating about Victoria Spartz’s background and future plans. And yes, Victoria grew up in the Ukraine, and her main motivation for running was to educate people about the perils of that horrible path (of communism). Spartz does care about our health care and will not vote to eliminate preexisting conditions. That was an outright lie by Hale!

Regarding Spartz’s plans going forward, allow me to make a few educated guesses. She will vote against any tax increases, including personal income, gasoline or capital gains. She will support fracking but will fight for certain climate controls. Regarding COVID-19, because of Donald Trump’s great work with “Operation Warp Speed,” we have close to 1 billion vaccines ready to distribute via Pfizer, Moderna, etc.

And one last suggestion for Ms. Jackson: Either mute your TV when the political ads come on or do not watch them at all!

Bruce Heldt, Carmel