Alicia Denniston named new principal at Westfield High School

Alicia Denniston

At a special meeting Sept. 29, the Westfield Washington Schools Board of Trustees unanimously voted to name Alicia Denniston as Westfield High School’s new principal.

The vote came after past Principal Stacy McGuire was reassigned to a new position. Denniston has served as the high school’s assistant principal for eight years, and recently she served as interim co-principal with Bill Naas.

“Alicia Denniston is no stranger to Westfield High School,” Supt. Sherry Grate said. “Alicia has actually served at Westfield High School for the past eight years as assistant principal and five years before as a teacher. She began her career teaching Spanish. She has served along with Bill Naas as interim co-principal since June, and she has done an outstanding job in the midst of COVID planning and in terms of where we are with transitions and construction.”

Denniston said she will continue the Westfield High School mission to ensure each student is life-ready instead of solely focusing on academics.

“I have had the privilege of working under Dr. McGuire now for the last eight years and there are so many things she has taught me about the culture and about students being first, about preparing our students for the day after graduation,” Denniston said.

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