Prevail to Go Purple


With October being National Domestic Violence Prevention Month, Prevail is encouraging the community to embrace a Go Purple campaign

Purple is the symbolic color to raise awareness about domestic violence.

“It’s an opportunity for the community to get involved because the issues we deal with, especially domestic violence, is so underreported and so many people feel really uncomfortable talking about the topic in public,” said Susan Ferguson, executive director of Prevail, a Hamilton County nonprofit that advocates for victims of crime and abuse. “They may not reach out for help because it doesn’t feel like something we should be talking about with our neighbors and friends, so this Go Purple campaign is a way for people to demonstrate we take this seriously, that we want to do something about it and we care about it so victims feel better about asking for help when they need it.”

Prevail, based in Noblesville, is asking businesses and groups to pick a day to wear purple, then share the group’s pictures with Prevail and use the hashtag #GoPurplePrevail. To sign up, visit

Ferguson said it is important that domestic violence victims are comfortable coming forward for help when they need it.

“It’s also for the rest of us to stand up and tell people who might want to perpetrate domestic violence that’s not acceptable in our community,” she said.

Ferguson said the campaign’s exposure helps the public know there are services available at Prevail.

Although the Go Purple campaign is not necessarily a fundraiser, Ferguson said the nonprofit welcomes donations.

“We can’t do what we do without a community supporting us,” Ferguson said.

Prevail has served nearly 50,000 victims of crime and abuse during the past 34 years. Last year, of the nearly 4,000 clients served at Prevail, 52 percent were adults, teens and children who were victims of family violence.