Current Road Construction



Project: Widening of 146th

Location: Near Boone County border

Expected completion: By end of 2020


Project: Repaving

Location: Keystone Parkway. Expect lane restrictions but no full closures.

Expected completion: Sept. 1


Project: New roundabout

Location: 116th Street and Guilford Road. East and westbound traffic flow will be maintained,but north and southbound connectivity will be limited.

Start date: On or after July 15

Expected completion: Mid-November


Project: New roundabout

Location: 116th Street and College Avenue. East and westbound traffic flow will be maintained,but north and southbound connectivity will be limited.

Start date: On or after July 15

Expected completion: Mid-November


Project: New roundabout

Location: Illinois Street and Zotec Drive

Start date: On or after Aug. 31

Expected completion: Nov. 1


Project: Reconstruction of Range Line Road, including a new roundabout at Walnut Street and pedestrian and bicycle connectivity

Location: Between Elm Street and City Center Drive

Start date: After Sept. 7

Expected completion: January 2021



Project: Ind. 37 Improvement Project

Location: 126th Street closure switched to the east side and is anticipated to reopen in November. During this time, cross access will be restricted, with only right in and right out. Northbound Ind. 37 traffic will not have access to 126th Street. Traffic on northbound Ind. 37 will shift to southbound lanes and two lanes will remain in each direction. Local access to businesses will remain open.

Expected completion: 2022

Detour: Drivers will be directed to use 141st Street to Allisonville Road or 131st Street to Cumberland Road.


Project: 131st Street at Nickel Plate Trail Crossing

Location: 131st Street at the Nickel Plate Trail Crossing closed July 28 for approximately one week. Work included regrading of the crossing, removing the stop sign and the construction of speed tables. Beginning Aug. 5, after the reopening of 131st Street at the Nickel Plate Trail Crossing, the roundabout and the trail construction will begin. 126th Street from the Nickel Plate Trail Crossing to Ford Drive will be closed.

Expected completion: Late September


Project: Utility relocation for future 96th Street expansion

Location: 96th Street between Lantern and Cumberland roads

Expected completion: 96th Street expansion to begin this year, utility work expected for the next several months


Project: Sargent Road roundabout, Mud Creek bridge replacement and additional travel lanes

Location: 96th Street between Sargent Road and Cumberland Road.

Expected completion: The Sargent Road roundabout is anticipated to reopen in mid-June. 96th Street east of Sargent Road to Cumberland Road will remain closed and is anticipated to reopen in early November. The official detour route will direct drivers to use Lantern Road or Cumberland Road to 106th Street.

Project: Downtown infrastructure improvement

Location: The intersection of Morgan Drive and Lantern Road closed Feb. 10. Access to Fishers Elementary will be available from 106th Street. Lantern Road is currently closed to through traffic, beginning south of 116th Street to Fishers Pointe Boulevard.

Expected completion: The project will be complete in the fall.

Detour: Lantern Road access open from the north for local traffic and Fishers Elementary School but will be closed between 116th Street and Fishers Pointe Boulevard. Use Fishers Pointe Boulevard for detour.


Project: Pennington Road structure replacmenet

Location: Pennington Road is closed to through traffic between Ind. 32 and 186th Street for the replacement of a small structure.

Expected completion: Oct. 16


Project: Road rehabilitation

Location: A 3-mile stretch of 236th Street will be closed for two separate phases for road rehabilitation. The first phase is from west of Devaney Road to east of Tollgate Road. This phase is scheduled to be closed through Dec. 1. The second phase is from west of Deming Road to west of Devaney Road.

Expected completion: The first phase is expected to be closed through Dec. 1, and the second phase is expected to begin in spring 2021.


Project: Safety improvements

Location: Strawtown Avenue and Prairie Baptist Road

Expected completion: The intersection of Strawtown Avenue and Prairie Baptist Road closed June 9 to through traffic while safety improvements are made. Construction is expected to last for 75 days, tentatively opening up to all traffic by Aug. 24. Strawtown Avenue will be closed between Craig Avenue and Cyntheanne Road, and Prairie Baptist Road will be closed between Strawtown Avenue and 226th Street. Residents will continue to have access to their properties throughout construction.


Project: Road resurfacing

Location: Various locations along and within the following areas: Mensa Drive, Country Lake Estates, Oakbay, Southwest Quad, North Harbour, South Harbour, North 9th Street and adjacent streets, Monument Street and various alleys

Expected completion: Oct. 15



Project: 2020 road resurfacing

Location: The 2020 road resurfacing projects include 169th Street from Oak Ridge Road to Union Street, Casey Road from Ditch Road to 186th Street, the Crestview subdivision, Redhill Road and Burgess Hill Pass in the Maple Knoll subdivision and the Woodshire subdivision.

Expected completion: Resurfacing completion dates will be announced the Travel Westfield newsletter.


Project: Jersey Street 

Location: From Union Street to Mill Street

Expected completion: Jersey Street will be closed for the remainder of the Grand Junction Plaza construction.


Project: North Street reconstruction

Location: North Street will be fully reconstructed with the addition of curbs and a sidewalk on the north side of the street.

Expected completion: North Street closed May 26 for 45 days, and only residents who live on the street have access.


Project: Westfield Boulevard connector

Location: The extension will connect the roundabout at Ind. 32 and Shamrock Boulevard with David Brown Drive. Construction has moved to the south side of Park Street.

Expected completion: End of 2020


Project: Grand Junction Plaza

Location: The parking lot west of Union Street and south of Main Street

Expected completion: The gravel parking lot on the east end of Park Street is permanently closed as the Grand Junction Plaza is moving into the construction phase. Parking is available on the west end of Park Street.


Project: Natalie Wheeler Trail 

Location: On Union Street between Mill and Jersey streets.

Expected completion: Closed during construction of the Grand Junction Plaza, estimated completion in 2021.


Project: North-south connector project

Location: The intersection of Whitestown Road and CR 875 East. The project involves a new roadway segment that will connect the intersection of CR 850 East/Cooper Road with CR 875 East to the north. The design includes a roundabout at the intersection of CR 850 East/Cooper Road and Oak Street and a roundabout at the intersection of CR 875 East and Whitestown Road.

Expected completion: Aug. 21


Project: Sycamore Street bridge reconstruction

Location: Sycamore Street Bridge in Zionsville will be closed as the road bridge deck and bridge railing systems are reconstructed and new decorative lighting is installed.

Expected completion: Aug. 28

Detour: Utilize U.S. 421/Michigan Road, 106th Street and Main Street.