Column: Small touches can make big difference in kitchen remodels


Commentary by Randy Sorrell and Bill Bernard

IO 0804 Randy Sorrell.jpg1
A before-and-after look of a stunning kitchen remodel. (Submitted photos)

Do you ever look at your kitchen wishing you could update but knowing you can’t justify the cost of a full-scale remodel? Your cabinets are still in good condition. The placement of appliances functions well, but the kitchen is a little dark, the countertops are tired and the lip of your drop-in sink catches lots of crumbs.

The kitchen pictured here shows how we addressed those same concerns. Step 1 of our solution was to keep the cabinets but give them a new fresh look. We partnered with the professional artists at Shines Studios to properly prepare the cabinets and apply a beautiful new painted finish that completely changes the character of the space. To complement the new cabinet color, we commissioned Jeff Ware Concrete to install custom-colored concrete countertops. We found the perfect sink and faucet combination through Ferguson, and Jack Laurie provided the incredible glass and stone backsplash tile.

IO 0804 Randy Sorrell.jpg2The result is an updated and refreshed look that brightens your mood.

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