Letter: Vote for Beckwith



I’m proud to cast my vote for Micah Beckwith for Congress. There are a number of reasons why, but first and foremost, I trust him. Micah speaks his mind during an age where it seems that every politician’s words are poll-tested. I appreciate that Micah is who he says he is. His message is consistent and it’s true to him and what he represents. 

We also need fresh leadership that understands the next generation and can pass down our values. I’m concerned if we don’t find leaders to guide the next generation that we’re in trouble. Micah is the type of leader that even if you don’t agree with him on a specific issue, you can trust he’s done his research and spent time looking at it from all sides.

Also, I like that he’s got a variety of background experiences. Owning small businesses, working in ministry and leading the next generation in a multitude of ways. This tells me he has the ability to do the job we need him to do. Micah isn’t using this position as a steppingstone to his future political career. He’s doing this to help our district and our country. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Micah Beckwith as our 5th District Representative June 2.

Dr. John H. Aukerman