Letter: Spartz wants to better nation



Attacks on Victoria Spartz from Carl Brizzi, Beth Henderson and fake news reporters are disgusting. Victoria Spartz has spent decades in Indiana running businesses, raising a family and serving our community. Brizzi and others smearing her as tied to Russian oligarchs (showing their own ignorance since Spartz was born in Ukraine) and attacking her for putting her own hard-earned money behind the campaign so as not to be beholden to wealthy donors and special interests. No wonder good people don’t step up to run for office, and we are left with shady characters like Carl Brizzi running our country and exploiting their offices to enrich themselves.

I think it is so admirable that Victoria Spartz recognizes the gift she’s be given in the United States and wants to give back and better our nation for the next generation. The question is further raised as to where did Brizzi and Henderson get the money for their campaigns? They both seem to be spending freely, so to whom are they beholding?

Jim Aldering