Letter: ‘Hamilton County is resilient’



None of us could have possibly anticipated the challenges this spring would bring to our community, nation and world. Many of us have had to learn how to use new technology, create new work routines and maybe even learn some new recipes.

Even though the last month has completely reshaped our world, I am grateful that some things never change. I am thankful for the many stories from across the county of people helping one another and community members finding creative ways to celebrate important milestones like birthdays, prom, weddings and graduations.

These creative ways to celebrate life and the joy in our community give me hope to keep moving forward, and I can only hope that it does the same for you, too.

We will begin the phased process to reopen Hamilton County. This process will take time and will require patience as we gauge what is best for our community. I cannot wait to see our public spaces teeming with people in all four corners of our county, but until then, we remain resolute in tackling COVID-19 aggressively and with care to those around us.

Hamilton County is resilient, and I ask for your patience and perseverance as we work together to reopen our county. This will take a conscious community effort, but I have no doubt we will tackle this challenge with grit and grace like every challenge we have faced before.

Thank you for your dedication to our community, and please stay safe and healthy.

Mark Heirbrandt, Hamilton County commissioner