Letter: Vote by mail



I am extremely upset with the State Election Commission and its lack of concern for the voters of Indiana. It had the chance to do a total vote by mail and instead is doing on-site voting and placing thousands of people at risk for the COVID-19 disease. The federal government even provided the state with $8 million that would more than cover the cost of a mail-in election and would have reduced cost by not having to pay for poll workers and PPE.

The virus will not be gone by election day, so to protect yourself, to protect the poll workers, I strongly urge you to vote by mail. It does not matter if you are a Democrat or Republican in this primary. The main concern should be that you’re alive and not sick after the primary. The only good thing the election board did was remove the requirement to get a vote by mail ballot. To get an absentee ballot application, you can call the Hamilton County election board at 317-776-8476. You can also email a request to [email protected]. Fill out the absentee request and send it back. Then, you will be sent a ballot so you can fill it out without going out and taking a risk of getting sick.

Please vote, but vote smart from home.

Joe Weingarten, Hamilton County Democratic Party chair