Letter: Why this Republican voted for Emily Styron



I am looking for a mayor to address the issues in Zionsville with a fresh approach. A mayor who is a well-qualified, proven candidate and is willing and able to serve the citizens of this community with integrity by putting people before politics, advantage and special interests. A mayor who brings a renewed approach to our growing community’s concerns. I believe what we have currently will only get worse.

I voted for Emily Styron because while the incumbent mayoral candidate claims to be a Republican, I have witnessed no action that squares with Republican principles. Conversely, Emily Styron embraces these principles with a willingness and ability to serve Zionsville and will not only ingratiate those principles as mayor of Zionsville, but has done so successfully in her leadership roles with former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith, a Republican, under whom Indianapolis experienced high-impact, sustainable economic expansion and growth like the kind Zionsville needs.

Moreover, I am setting aside the ideologies that separate Republicans from Democrats as irrelevant for purposes of a local election. Neither of the candidates in a mayoral role will be creating policies impacting national issues that polarizes the party’s members, making this election tangibly non-partisan.

For many of us, voting has consisted of stepping into the ballot box and pressing the straight ticket button. Trust me. that was my first instinct as well. As a lifelong Republican, it was a drastic and major change of behavior for me.

For this election, this habit should be broken. It will be a difficult change, but the change we get in the mayor’s office in return will be far better than what we have now, and it’s one that I am making. The question we have in front of us is simply which candidate brings the best approach and execution with new and workable ideas. I can say with confidence that what we have currently simply hasn’t worked and won’t work. It’s time for a change. Vote Emily Styron for mayor.

I also recommend that as I did, you vote for Bret Brewer for one of the town council at-large seats. Bret shares many of the same views and visions that will support and reinforce Emily’s vision for Zionsville.

As many of you know, I ran a few years back for town council and was even called egregious by some for questioning the status quo. I too saw the need for a change in the direction that our local government was heading. The leadership tried to bring us Cardon Nursing Home, a now-empty Lids Building, Sycamore Flats and a Town Hall which should or could accommodate other departments as they failed to realize the voice and wishes of many of us in Zionsville.

This is why we will need a town council that supports Emily, and this is why I voted for Bret Brewer and Emily Styron.

Dave Boggs, Zionsville