HSE recertified for clean air


At its Oct. 23 meeting, the Hamilton Southeastern Schools Board of Trustees received an official recertification of the 2018 receipt of the Clean Air Award, a program created by the National Air Filtration Association that recognizes the use of high-efficiency filtration products and top-notch maintenance practices while also reducing overall operating costs.

CIF COM 1105 HSE clean air recertification

Ernie Kelly, president of Filter Services of Indiana, presented the recertification.

“Some of the main criteria that is used is that the facility and maintenance department and the decisions that they make represent a 14 percent reduction in energy cost,” he said. “It also represented a 14 percent reduction in (carbon dioxide) emissions, 20 percent reduction in the final stage filter cost, and because the final stage filters last double the time of the previous filters that were being used, it actually cuts your labor, as well as your disposable cost, in half.

“When you look at this whole program and the 10 different criteria that went into it, those were some of the highlights.”

In 2018, HSE was one of 32 institutions to receive the award. This year, it was one of 33.

“Only 24 of the 2018 class, one of them being Harvard University, were recertified,” Kelly said. “The class of 2019 had 33 recipients, one of them being Texas A&M University.”