Web design firm presents to residents, helps local businesses tell their story


By Jarred Meeks

When a local web design company owner asked a group of Zionsville residents and business owners what Jeb Bush, a 2016 Republican presidential hopeful, planned to do for America, no one answered.
David McArdle, owner of Indy Web Designers, then asked what Donald Trump said he planned to do for America during his 2016 presidential campaign. He said the difference highlighted the benefit of simplifying a message, whether it be for a presidential candidate or a business.

CIZ COM 1029 Chamber breakfast

“If you confuse, you lose,” McArdle said.

McArdle presented a replicable web design plan for local businesses to entice more customers by using a storyboard marketing framework, a way of marketing products and services to customers using the same storytelling techniques used in movies and books. The presentation was at Zionsville Town Hall Oct. 22 as part of the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast series.
Most companies waste an enormous amount of money on marketing, McArdle said. “People buy products only after they read words that make them want to buy those products,” he said, noting that customers don’t always buy the best product as a result.

Instead, customers should gravitate toward products that have simplified messages, McArdle argued. And one of the best ways to send a simplified message is with a story.

By piquing a customer’s interest, a business can start telling its story, eventually guiding the customer with a step-by-step plan to move forward with a call to action. McArdle said he sees many businesses forget to include actionable language, such as buy now, call now, get a quote, on their website. Without a call to action, most customers won’t take action, he said.

The methods Indy Web Designers officials offered the audience work for large and small businesses, according to McArdle.

“Most small business owners don’t have the budget to hire a large-market firm to try and do some of this, so they end up reaching out to a small web design company that, again, can build a good website but maybe doesn’t know the right words to use,” he said.

But with the right words, McArdle said business owners can turn their website into a “marketing machine that makes money for (them).”

The next Zionsville Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast is scheduled for 8 a.m. Nov. 19 in the St. Vincent Community Room in Zionsville Town Hall.