SEP Foundation forms, awards $75K in grants


By Raymond Mo

Carmel software development company SEP recently announced the formation of The SEP Foundation, an outreach fund awarding $75,000 to grant to recipients in Indianapolis.

Managed by the Central Indiana Community Foundation, The SEP Foundation is a vehicle for SEP to give back to local organizations. The foundation’s mission is to provide marginalized individuals and families with new opportunities to help them achieve self-sufficiency.

“As a tech company in Central Indiana for over 30 years, we admire and have compassion for the resiliency of those in our community who have experienced hardships,” SEP Chief Operating Officer Traci Dossett said. “As a result of our community’s support and our great success, we have created The SEP Foundation to give back to and support our neighbors who deserve the same opportunity.”

This year, The SEP Foundation selected HVAF, Horizon House and The Last Mile as grant recipients. Dossett said these organizations were selected after careful consideration because they aligned with the foundation’s core interest: overcoming the barriers of poverty, homelessness and hunger.

“TLM’s (The Last Mile’s) core belief is that having a job is the key to successful reentry and breaking the cycle of incarceration,” Dossett said. “This organization not only fits well with our vision for helping out those overcoming barriers, but aligns so well with our company’s talents.”

Dossett said the foundation serves as a hub for community involvement outside of grant-making. Through the foundation, SEP employees are able to work with local organizations.

“Vetting charities can be overwhelming. There are so many outstanding organizations to help, along with some that maybe aren’t when you dig a little deeper,” Dossett said. “(The SEP Foundation) helps SEP employees get connected with organizations that reflect our mission and where they can make an impact with their talents as well.”

Dossett said the foundation aims to set a precedent in the tech industry.

“Through employee and community engagement activities and a grant-making program, we humbly hope to live out our vision in an impactful and meaningful way,” Dossett said.