Moore follows family’s direction


It’s not a surprise that Alaina Moore eventually wanted to direct. It’s in her blood.

“I usually act in the summer shows, but I’ve always had the desire to direct thanks to my parents, who are longtime directors (Michelle and Collin Moore) at Mud Creek,” said Moore, who will be a Lawrence North High School senior.

Moore will direct “Trap,” a production by The ACT, a Mud Creek Players youth outreach group.

The ACT, which stands for The Association for Creative Theatre, is a unique program for ages 13 to 18. The completely teen-driven program is free for participants who meet throughout the school year to plan a summer production.”

“This is my first time directing a full show,” Moore said. “Last summer, I was the assistant director. I’ve also been a part of the directing team/director of our mid-year family dinner show for the past three years.”

Very little plot details are released about “Trap,” which runs at Mud Creek Theater July 18 to 27.

The premise is every person in the audience of a high school play falls unconscious, every person but one. Using interviews with witnesses, loved ones, first responders and the investigators pursuing the case, a theater ensemble brings the story of the strange event to life, documentary-style.

“The fun of this production for me is the mystery,” Moore said. “We’ve made it so that the audience has no idea what they’re walking into. From a directing point of view, watching the whole show progress is huge for me, from the set to costumes to, most important, the acting.”

Moore said the cast members have done a good job handling multiple roles.

“We, unfortunately, had some people who had to drop out, but those who took over the parts did it amazingly, including my wonderful assistant director, Erin Keller,” Moore said. “A few other challenges are obvious, like the technical aspects and the set. But overall, since this show gives so much creative freedom, we had a blast coming up with so much of it.”

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