Carmel Middle School to open ‘Curtains’


For Carmel Middle School eighth-grader Theodore Curtis, the meaty acting role of Lt. Frank Cioffi presents one challenge — more lines.

“I have most of them memorized, but I’m still trying to remember,” he said. “I’m trying to get the blocking and stuff done.”

Carmel Middle School will present “Curtains” at 7 p.m. Nov. 9 and 10 at the school’s auditorium

Kayla Brumet is cast as Carmen Bernstein in the musical mystery comedy.

“I like the role because it’s a new challenge because I’ve never played a character with this kind of personality,” Brumet said. “She’s is in it for the money. In the show, I’m more bossy and take charge, which is not normally how I am. (The character) has a bigger personality. It’s fun to embrace it.”

Alyssa Fuhrman said she loves her character Georgia Hendricks’ personality.

“She is more out there and she’s such a great person,” Fuhrman said.

Fuhrman said she has performed in a play within a play previously in an adaption of “Peter Pan.”

“It’s a challenge to figure how I need to act when I play my character and when I’m playing my character within the show they are doing,” she said.

Audrey Hockins plays Bambi Bernet.

“I like how it’s a show within a show because I’ve never done (that before),” Hockins said. “It’s cool to see how you should act on the stage and how you should act on stage as your character,” Hockins said.

Actress Megan Sikora, who played Bambi in the original Broadway production, visited the school to share advice in October. Sikora grew up in the Pittsburgh area with Carmel Middle’s choir teacher Trisha Scheidies.

“It helped us see it from a different perspective and understand everything from someone who has done it professionally,” said Tyler Wemhoff, who plays Aaron Fox.

Jason ElRite is directing and Scheidies is providing choreography and vocal direction.

For tickets, email [email protected].