Rosie’s Place success prompts third location


Family is everything to Michael and Debbi Bourgerie, who launched Rosie’s Place in Noblesville in 2010 and named the cafe after Debbi’s grandmother. The couple opened their second Rosie’s Place on Main Street in Zionsville in 2014. The success of the Zionsville restaurant has led to a third location opening in Carmel at the end of this month.

Debbi’s family has owned and operated cafeterias in St. Louis since 1970.

“The reason I named it after my grandmother was because when I saw the building in Noblesville it just reminded me of her era,” Debbi said. “It was also a tribute to my dad because Rosie was his mother. He basically taught me everything I know.”

The Zionsville restaurant was restored to its original look.

“We had a great time with the building,” Debbi said. “Everyone was excited to have that building turned back to how it was originally. We re-did the whole storefront as it was originally designed at the turn of the century.”

The business worked with the town to make sure the building’s roots were reflected in the new design.

“On the inside we tried to keep anything we could,” Debbi said. “We took down seven layers on the wall to have the exposed brick and plaster that we have in there.”

Debbi’s sister, Sheri Amann, manages the Zionsville restaurant.

“Sheri and I grew up learning everything together,” Debbi said. “We pretty much think exactly the same way as far as running a restaurant. It makes it very easy. We’re very good partners in that way.”

Debbi said she enjoys owning a restaurant in Zionsville.

“We love it because we just fit right in,” Debbi said. “Zionsville has really welcomed us into the community. There are so many things that go on there, festivals and activities. It’s really fun.”

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