Libertarian candidate to run for U.S. Senate against incumbent Donnelly


Fishers resident Lucy Brenton is not new to running a campaign. She ran for Indianapolis City County Council in the 1990s and ran against Evan Bayh and Todd Young in 2016 for the U.S. Senate.


Brenton is ready for another Senate run in November. The Libertarian candidate will challenge Democrat incumbent Joe Donnelly. Mike Braun is running on the Republican side.

“My main goal with this campaign is to raise awareness for liberty and the idea that people can be free,” Brenton said. “They can be free from taxation, they can be free from an oppressive government. The end goal is to stop the privileged class stealing from the poor.”

Brenton is married to Dorn Brenton, who serves as the chairman for the Hamilton County Libertarian Party. He also is running as the Libertarian candidate for Hamilton County Sheriff against Republican Dennis Quakenbush and Democrat Jason Straw. The Brentons have been married for 28 years and have 10 children and two grandchildren.

Brenton said even if constituents feel they can’t vote for her because the race between Donnelly and Braun is too close, she encourages them to vote for Libertarian Mark Rutherford, who is running for secretary of state.

“The way ballot access is maintained is through the secretary of state race,” Brenton said. “When voters give at least 2 percent to the secretary of state race, it maintains Libertarian ballot access. Even if people feel like they can’t vote for me, they should still cast their vote for the Libertarian party in the secretary of the state race because that maintains the third-party choice.”

The election is Nov. 6. For more, visit