Boone County candidates set for May 8 primary election


Filing for the May 8 primarily election ended at noon Feb. 9. Candidates are:

Judge of Circuit Court

Todd J. Meyer (R)

Tamie Morog (R)

Lori Schein (R)


Kent T. Eastwood (R)


Michael T. (Mike) Nielsen (R)

Michael C. “Mike” Greene (R)

Clerk of Courts

Jessica J. Fouts (R)

Council District 1

Jennifer J. Hostetter (R)

Marcia Ireland Rosenfeld (D)

Council District 2

Gerald A. Mennen (R)

Wayne J. Kinderman, JR (R)

John Riner (R)

Jim Love (R)

Council District 3

Kevin Van Horn (R)

Council District 4

Steve Jacob (R)

Erin M. Brewster (D)

Commissioner District 1

Tom Santelli (R)


Kenneth Hedge (R)


Lisa C. Garoffolo (R)

Additional candidates have filed for trustee positions in Center, Clinton, Jackson, Marion, Sugar Creek, Washington and Worth townships and board positions in Center, Washington, Harrison, Marion, Worth, Jackson and Jefferson townships.