Fishers resident raises money for water filters for Filter of Hope


Fishers resident and Ball State University senior Josh Heideman is learning how to combat the global water crisis during his internship with Filter of Hope. FOH provides household water filters for impoverished families worldwide.

Jash Heideman spent time in Haiti with Campus Crusade for Christ. (Submitted photo)

“I took a trip to Haiti with Campus Crusade for Christ, and they decided to partner with Filter of Hope for the trip,” Heideman said. “I was incredibly impressed with the organization and how they are truly impacting a hurting world. I contacted one of the supervisors with FOH and asked how I could get involved. That’s how I became an intern.”

During his internship, he raised more than $4,000 by reaching out to local businesses, churches and organizations in Muncie and Fishers.

“It costs FOH $40 to manufacture a filter,” Heideman said. “The cool thing is that when someone donates $40, they are directly buying a filter for a family in a Third World-nation, which is incredible. I was able to provide 100 filters from the money I raised.”

He personally delivered 20 filters during a trip to the Dominican Republic.

“It really opened my eyes to how little some people in the world actually have,” Heideman said. “In America, we have so much convenience, amenities and technology, and then you see so much of the world that has so little. You recognize how blessed you truly are to have really basic needs of human survival.”

Heideman was grateful for the opportunity to work with the nonprofit.

“I know in the future I would love to do nonprofit work,” he said. “This is something to allow me to dip my toes in the water and get a taste of what it’s like working for a nonprofit.”

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