Lawrence DPW fills 700+ potholes in one week


Lawrence Dept. of Public Works crews work to repair potholes around the city. (Submitted photo)

The Lawrence Dept. of Public Works have been busy at the start of the month.

From Jan. 29 to Feb. 2, DPW crews filled more than 700 potholes around the city. Repairs were made to the heavily trafficked areas of 56th Street, German Church Road and 79th Street, according to DPW Director of Streets Dave Lotts.

Lotts said his crews had taken advantage of the warmer temperatures and the availability of “hot mix” this week.

“The (extreme cold) temperatures cause the streets to contract and break up with such drastic temp differentials,” he said.

While “cold fill” resolves the problem of pot holes temporarily, Lotts said the “hot mix” available during the productive week would provide relief to drivers for a longer period of time.