Meet your teacher: Chelsea Stephens


Grade/Subject at what school: I teach biology and human body systems at Westfield High School.

Number of years teaching: This is my first year teaching.

Background/schooling (college and high school):

New Castle High School

Anderson University

Why did you become a teacher? “I have known for a long time that I am passionate about science, and in college I realized that I should share that passion with others. I love to get to know students and make science fun for them.”

What goals do you have for your students? “To come out of my class as a better person, both academically and personally.”

What do you encourage parents to do at home to help their children strengthen particular skills? “Supporting students as they go through their day-to-day activities, not just when there are big tests. I have noticed that children really respond to intentionality,  and if they know that you care, they will be much more likely to make you a part of their academic process.”

Name your favorite movie. “Young Frankenstein.”

Name your favorite musician or band. Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors

What’s something your students might not know about you? “Two things I love to do are crocheting and reading books. I have an addiction to buying books.”