Opinion: Former biochemist brings reiki, reflexology to Zionsville


By Heather Lusk

Helping to address aches and pains with hands-on healing techniques, Ingrid Schwegler has brought a combination of reiki and reflexology to Zionsville for the past year at her business, From Seed to Bloom. She now wants to add ortho-bionomy to bring immediate relief to clients’ sore spots.

Through reflexology, pressure is applied to areas of the feet to impact other parts of the body and internal organs. Reiki is a concept of channeling energy into a specific area of the body. Both work with the nervous system to indirectly relieve stress patterns.

“If our blood doesn’t flow well in our body, it creates blockages somewhere. It’s the same thing for our nerve impulse,” Schwegler said. “Every time there is tension and there is blockage, things cannot flow properly, and that’s how over time we create disease.”

Orto-bionomy provides direct therapy to the tendons or joints of a specific area, such as a shoulder.

“From a physical and mental standpoint, if I can touch your shoulder in a way that’s going to create some immediate relief, that’s an enhancement to what I do today,” she said.

Born in Switzerland, Schwegler was a biochemist before learning about reiki from her massage therapist.

When she attended her first reiki training, she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“I didn’t really know what I was going to do with that, but it just kind of opened something up,” she said.

A few years later, Schwegler took a reflexology class at Peace Through Yoga. During the training, she realized by coincidence she’d taken the class 25 years earlier.

“I suddenly remembered everything and realized that, ‘Ok, that’s what I need to do,’” she said.

Schwegler was planning to open a full-time practice in Carmel in early 2016 when space in The Wessell Building on Zionsville’s First Street opened.

“This is what I’m called to do,” she said.