Zionsville Aquatic Center offers free AquaFit classes for seniors

The Zionsville Aquatic Center will host AquaFit Senior Day sponsored by Zionsville Meadows every first Tuesday of the month. (Submitted photo)

By Heather Collins

The Zionsville Aquatic Center will host AquaFit Senior Day, sponsored by Zionsville Meadows, the first Tuesday of every month. Classes on AquaFit Senior Day are free to seniors 60 and older.

The classes focus on overall fitness, non-weight-bearing movements, cardio strength and balance.

Lisa Brown, aquatics director at the Zionsville Aquatic Center, said seniors who have taken the class report life-changing benefits and improved mobility.

“The physical fitness, flexibility, cardio and strength-building helps anyone to remain active and healthy,” Brown said. “Socially, people have a good time making new friends.”

Brown said the benefits of AquaFit include improved cardio, balance and increased range of motion. Brown said AquaFit classes also take pressure off of joints.

Classes incorporate deep and shallow pools, resistance training and include a low or non-impact aerobic workout.

“The AquaFit days are great to show seniors that they can still remain active, and they don’t have to be swimmers,” Brown said.

Water belts and foam dumbbells are provided. Aqua jogger belts allow participants to stay afloat in deep water, and participants also workout in the 4-foot therapy pool.

AquaFit classes are held 11 to 11:30 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday and 5 to 5:30 p.m. on Saturday. The fee is $5 per swimmer. Senior discounts are available for 25 to 50 visit passes.

For information or to sign-up, visit aquatic.zionsvilleeaglerec.com/aquafit.cfm or call 317-733-4808.