Carmel Clay Public Library explores Cassini’s mission to Saturn


The Carmel Clay Public Library will host Cassini’s Grand Finale at 7 p.m. Sept. 13 in the program room. The NASA Cassini spacecraft has spent the last 13 years collecting data in orbit around Saturn, studying its moons, rings and surface. Prior to that, Cassini spent seven years traveling from Earth to Saturn. The nearly 20-year journey is planned to end Sept 15.


CCPL will partner with the Goethe Link Observatory Space Science Institute for the program, which is one of many in the library’s Investigate Science and Technology Series.

“We’re doing all sorts of science and technology programs at the library. For this one, we partnered with the Goethe Link Observatory Space Science Institute, which we do on a regular basis. They work with a lot of libraries, and they suggested this program to us because it’s been a 13-year mission for NASA, and it’s ending in Sept.,” said Beth Jenneman, communications manager at CPPL.

The event will break down Cassini’s mission so the average person can understand it.

“The Link Observatory is taking the story and making it more family-friendly and simple for people to understand,” Jenneman said. “They have a lot of graphics and interactive things they do. People from the Link Observatory come and speak. It’s all integrated with slides and graphics. They will take questions as well.”

Cassini is a one-of-a-kind spacecraft.

“Nothing like this has ever been done before by NASA,” Jenneman said.

The event is free to attend and registration is not required. For more, visit