New business removes stink from garbage bins

CIC DOUGH 0912 Bin Cleanse
An automated truck lifts a garbage bin to clean it with high-pressure sprayers. (Submitted photo)

By Chris Bavender

Open your trash bin to throw in a bag and you might be greeted with an “aromatic” scent. Trying to clean it alone can be time-consuming and leave a mess of its own. Now, two friends have teamed up to provide a unique service, transforming trash bins from grimy to glowing.

Bin Cleanse is an eco-friendly trash bin cleaning serving Carmel and surrounding areas started by Dan Poore and Mike Mattingly. The service has been popular overseas but is just now gaining popularity in the U.S. Although there are a few independent owners in places such as Florida, California and Texas, it’s just now taking hold in the Midwest.

“After doing extensive research, we realized there was a great need for Bin Cleanse,” Poore said. “Many (homeowner associations)  mandate residents keep their bins in their garage, and not only is the smell horrific, but they can harbor germs and attract rodents.”

The company uses an automated truck similar to trash services that grabs the bins and lifts them up to be cleaned with high-pressure sprayers.

“We use eco-friendly chemicals for our cleaning and 200 degree heated water to kill all the germs and disease inside the bins,” Mattingly said. “It captures all of the gray, dirty water that results from the bins being cleaned. We then dispose of the water at a designated treatment facility.”

Customers can go online and choose how often they want their bins cleaned and note their trash pickup day. Typically, Bin Cleanse takes 2 to 3 minutes the first time and 30 seconds to 1 minute each time thereafter. Response in the first few months Bin Cleanse has been up and running has been positive, Poore said.

“We were a bit shy of 100 customers in our first month, and our reviews are excellent. People who take a second to think about our service see it as a no-brainer,” he said. “The time and energy they’ll use to clean their own bins while typically disposing of the water onto the street or yard compared to our service saves them money and time.”

Bin Cleanse isn’t limited to household trash cans. It can also clean dumpsters at restaurants, apartment complexes and other businesses.

The duo’s goal for the business is to have 800 customers by the end of their first year and expand to 10 trucks and multiple HOA agreements by the end of their fifth year.

Bin Cleanse is a disabled veteran-owned company and offers a 10 percent discount to police, fire and military (active and veterans). For more, visit