Next Level to repair roads, bridges 


By Mark Ambrogi

State Rep. Donna Schaibley (R-Carmel) is a firm believer that Next Level Indiana will address her area’s infrastructure needs.

“I think it’s a very positive thing for the communities I represent,” Schaibley said. “It’s important for Indiana to stay the crossroads of the country and I really think for business, safety, all kinds of reasons, it’s a very important thing we maintain our roads and pay for that maintenance.”

Schaibley represents District 24, which includes western Hamilton County and southeastern Boone County, in the Indiana House of Representatives.

“House Bill 102 was a funding plan for the next 20 years for a long-term roads plan,” Schaibley said of the bill approved in the General Assembly. “The Next Level plan announced by the Governor (Eric Holcomb) is an outline of what is going to happen for the first five years of that funding plan.”

Schaibley said it is funded by road use taxes that have been on.

“The users of the roads are going to be paying for the roads,” Schaibley said.

Schaibley said Boone County is receiving more than $64,344,136 for improvements over the next five years. It starts with $18,423,606 in 2018. The five-year impact will be 128 lane miles resurfaced and 12 bridges rehabilitated or replaced.

“Some of the major projects are I-65, I-74 and I-865 projects,” Schaibley said. “These projects carry expensive price tags and they are very important for traffic. If you want to attract business to the state, you need to want to have roads that are appropriate.”

The Hamilton County funding for the next five years is $33,480,079, beginning with $8,871,804 in 2018. A total of 33 lane miles are going to be resurfaced and 20 bridges are set to be repaired or replaced.

“It’s one of the lower counties as far as dollar amount allotment but we’ve had a tremendous amount of dollars put in Hamilton County over the past several years with the State Road 37 interchange, the I-69 improvements and State Road 31 upgrades,’ Schaibley said. “The state roads in Hamilton County are in pretty good (condition) Since the state has made significant investments in Hamilton County over the past few years, it’s important that we invest in infrastructure all throughout the state. We want to attract businesses to the state. We want the state roads to be safe for our community. It’s important for moving business supplies in and out of the state.”

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