Adam’s Neighborhood Tour: Springmill Crossing


Current in Carmel is featuring different neighborhoods throughout the city limits. If you’d like readers to learn more about where you live, email me at [email protected].

This week I talked to Jeremy Glowacki, president of the Springmill Crossing neighborhood association.

Neighborhood: Springmill Crossing

Location: Entrances on 136th and Springmill Road

Size: 332 homes

Makeup of residents: Our homes range in re-sale price from around $275,000 to $400,000, and the neighborhood feeds into a very well-regarded elementary school in Smoky Row and provides close proximity to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic School. Seems like lately, we’re one of the neighborhoods where young couples land when they leave Broad Ripple to start their family. Even though we’re a 25-year-old neighborhood, young owners have a lot of energy for maintaining and remodeling their homes.

What makes it unique: Our neighborhood was built in the late 1980s, and our semi-custom homes and mature trees are a strong appeal to home buyers. We have two lighted tennis courts and a neighborhood pool and swim club for kids in the summer. Because of the proximity to Smoky Row, we have a lot of kids living here. We’ve installed about 20 decorative street lights and planted about 50 trees and shrubs in our common areas.

Top issues: There was some concern for awhile about a string of robberies in the area, but that’s not a problem currently. Fighting basement flooding after big storms is a constant challenge.

Traffic issues: Our main streets through the neighborhood were repaved by the city a couple years ago and that was great. Our side streets and cul de sacs are due for repaving, too. The biggest complaint involves people ignoring stop signs in the neighborhood as well as speeding.

Fun events: In May, there’s a family movie night on the lawn in our common area, and in the fall we host Fall Fest in the parking lot of our neighborhood pool. We have an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids each spring and we bring in a Carmel fire truck to lead a bike parade to celebrate July 4 and Halloween.

How to get involved: If you’re a resident who wants to be more involved, contact Glowacki at [email protected].