Carmel releases schedule of nearly 40 road projects for 2017

Carmel Drive and City Center Drive Preliminary Layout
A rendering of the proposed changes at Carmel Drive and City Center Drive. (Submitted photo)

The City of Carmel has a lot of road work ahead. Nearly 40 projects are scheduled for 2017.

“The City of Carmel has a very aggressive construction schedule for 2017 and it will be important for you to plan ahead to make sure your regular routes are available, and if not, to determine your best detour before you head out the door,” stated a news release announcing the project schedule.

All of these projects have already been funded through a $229 million bond package approved in January 2016.

For updates on which projects have started or been delayed and any necessary detours, the city is advising people to visit or download the CarmelLink app for smartphones.

The City will add multi-use paths in the South West Clay area, along with storm water improvements, primarily along Ditch Road, Towne Road and Shelborne Road. Storm water improvements will take place in the Crooked Stick area well, which is expected to be completed by mid-July 2017. A new path is being constructed along West Carmel Drive and road improvements will take place this March along Spring Mill Road between Millridge Drive and 106th Street. It will take about three months to reconstruct that road. The city also announced that the 126th Street road improvements will continue into summer 2017 but traffic will be maintained in the westbound direction for the duration of the project, which will ease detour issues.

New roundabouts are set to begin construction along Gray Road, 96th Street, 116th Street and Range Line Road.

List of projects:


  • Main Street Drainage improvement, 4th Avenue SW to Guilford Road
  • Towne Road Trail, 96th  Street to 106th  Street
  • Lake Shore Drive East Culvert replacement, just South of 106th Street
  • 106th Street Culvert replacement, Michigan Road to Shelborne Road
  • Greentree Drive Culvert replacement
  • Spring Mill Phase 2 boulevard reconstruction
  • 126th Street improvement, Range Line Road to Keystone Avenue


  • River Road reconstruction, Community Drive to 146th Street
  • 116th Street and Towne Road Roundabout
  • 126th Street and Gray Road Roundabout
  • 136th Street and Gray Road Roundabout
  • Gray Road Culvert replacement, south of 146th Street
  • Ditch Road Path Project, 106th Street to 116th Street
  • Range Line Road and City Center Roundabout


  • Old Town Alley and Storm Water improvements
  • Carmel Drive and City Center Drive Roundabout


  • 96th Street and Delegates Row Roundabout
  • 96th Street and Gray Road Roundabout
  • Guilford Road and City Center Drive Roundabout
  • 106th Street and Towne Road Roundabout
  • 116th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway Roundabout


  • Range Line Road reconstruction 136th Street to U.S. 31 overpass
  • Range Line Road and 136th Street Roundabout adjustment
  • 4th Street NW reconstruction
  • 5th Street NE curb construction


  • Range Line Road and 4th Street Roundabout
  • Guilford Road and Carmel Drive Roundabout
  • Monon Boulevard Construction, City Center Drive to Main Street

            Fall 2017

  • 96th Street and Hazel Dell Road Roundabout
  • Range Line Road and Executive Drive Roundabout
  • 96th Street and Priority Way Roundabout
  • Carmel Drive and Old Meridian Street Roundabout
  • 96th Street and Keystone Parkway interchange (preliminary work)
  • Gray Road and Main Street Roundabout
  • Range Line Road reconstruction, 116th Street to Main Street
  • Foster Estates drainage improvements
  • Main Street Path project, Harrowgate Drive to Cool Creek Court
  • Carey Road Path project, Hawthorne Drive to Edinburg Drive
  • Shelborne Road Path project, 106th Street to 116th Street