Behind the Badge: Billy Adams

Billy Adams has been with the Westfield Police Dept. since 2007. (Photo by Jenna Liston)
Billy Adams has been with the Westfield Police Dept. since 2007. (Photo by Jenna Liston)

By Jenna Liston

A father of three, a husband and an officer for the Westfield Police Dept. since 2007, Billy Adams says he enjoys protecting the community and making the town a safer place for residents.

“Over the years, crime has increased due to the population growth of Westfield,” Adams said. “I believe our force is doing a great job protecting and preventing crime amongst residents here.”

Before moving to Westfield, Adams was involved in Army Military police for six years and was a federal police officer for the Dept. of Defense for five years. Now he is the Sergeant Control Supervisor for the WPD.

“I make sure all of our officers have everything they need to get their jobs done. I oversee what goes on and make sure I am available when and if they need assistance,” Adams said.

Aside from his job, Adams enjoys working with the Westfield Youth Assistance Program, talking with students at Student Impact and getting to know the community by sharing his job experiences.

“Every month, I have a day where I go into a local coffee shop that allows me to come in and have coffee with community members, and we get to talk,” he said. “Any questions they may have for me or about what I do, I answer them. It’s something I like to do to reassure people that my job is to help them, not hurt them.”

With recent news stories involving Black Lives Matter and negativity towards officers, Adams wants everyone to understand officers are there to help.

“One of the biggest concerns I have is that people view us as the bad guys,” he said. “We really want people to feel like they can come to us with any questions they have. We are only here to help make things safe, that is our number one priority.”

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