Darrin’s Coffee closes after allegedly failing to make payments


By Heather Lusk

Darrin’s Coffee Company on Main Street has closed after founder Darrin Marion allegedly did not make payments on a loan established to keep his business in Zionsville.

Attorneys contacted Marion via an eviction notice Feb. 10 on behalf of Zak Khan after Khan ceased to receive payments on a loan he’d given to Marion in 2015.

Khan, who has invested in small businesses in the past, heard last fall that Marion was struggling to find a location to remain in Zionsville. Khan loaned him money to renovate the property at 98 South Main St., but after several setbacks, Marion said last fall that he decided against completing the project.

Marion shifted his focus to 112 South Main Street where the Village Kitchen restaurant had recently closed. The two established Darrin’s LLC, making Khan majority owner, in order to obtain a liquor license that couldn’t be in Marion’s name after he was sentenced for selling an unregistered investment in a real estate development.

Khan provided additional investment, putting the LLC name on the building lease and an agreement to lease the kitchen assets. The coffee shop reopened in October serving drinks on weekend evenings and coffee and food during the day. According to Khan, Marion had been making payments until the last several months during which full rent and payments toward the lease with Village Kitchen were not being made and business profits were not being contributed to the LLC in order to pay these debts.

“It’s unfortunate,” said Khan. “Zionsville loses on that deal.”

Marion told Current that he was trying to pay the loan and buy his partner’s portion of the LLC. According to Khan, attorneys for Marion did not contact him prior to the eviction notice.

“I would have loved to have that happen,” said Khan. “I had no intention of owning any of these things.”

Marion, who had no further comment, still maintains a business on Crawfordsville Road.