Letter to the editor



I received three separate post cards in the mail today from the Hamilton County Professional Fire Fighters. Each one is nearly identical except for the names of the of the candidates they’re promoting. Each one features the headline:  Support Public Safety. And they all encourage me to vote for the incumbent.

I interviewed with the Fire Fighters Association but didn’t receive their endorsement in this election. Afterwards I asked them why and they said they always endorse incumbents unless there’s a compelling reason not to. Although that’s disappointing, it isn’t surprising considering fire fighters are city employees and the incumbents control their paychecks. So, why have candidate interviews if the result is predetermined? I don’t have an answer, just asking the question.

Please rest assured that Noblesville will be just as safe if you elect me or anyone else running for office as it will be under the incumbents. We all appreciate the hard work of our police and fire fighters but public safety is important to everyone, not just those who are currently in office.

Mike Corbett

Candidate for Mayor