Dog gone luxury: pampering for your pooch

Hal Bond, owner of Range Pet Lodge. (Submitted photo)
Hal Bond, owner of Range Pet Lodge. (Submitted photo)

By Gus Pearcy

When he first came to Carmel in 1993, Hal Bond needed a veterinarian for his two shelties and cat. He found Dr. Anthony Buzzetti and his new practice Companion Animal Medical Center and a photo of the surgical suite with a big glass window for observation.

“That impressed the heck out of me that a guy would be that confident to let people watch him,” Bond said. “So we chose him as our veterinarian.”

Bond and Buzzetti developed a close working relationship and became a management consultant for Buzzetti. Last December, Bond opened the Range Pet Lodge with a great deal of consulting from Buzzetti. It has resulted in a unique, luxurious kennel designed to give reduce the stress of your cainine, Bond said.

“If you’re having to leave the pet and the pet is more replicating his home or home experience, then they’re less stressed out,” Bond said. “Here, they don’t change their habits.”

The Range has 24-hour attendant. One who will maintain the dog’s habits. If your dog is taken out at 10 p.m. regularly, they will be taken out at 10 p.m. at The Range. The 24-7 attendant is a safety feature. The Range also has a sprinkler system, not required by Indiana.

There are 93 dog “cottages” that are adjoining so if you have more than one pet, they can stay together. There are 10,000 ft of outside area for playtime. Floors throughout the facility are made of a Quartz 7-layer antimicrobial floor. Bond calls the radiant heat system “low stress.” Bond says there are a few cottages separated from the general population for special needs animals who are riled up by the tumult. Prices range from $26 to $55 a day.

The Range also offers concierge daycare with separate areas for big ad small dogs. There are also training lessons, a wellness center, and the latest grooming techniques including airbrushing of your pooch.

“We’re using 30 years of medical experience, because Dr. Buzzetti is our medical director at The Range,” Bond said. “He lends his expertise and advice on how we should do this.

“We set it up so (the pets) have a good time,” Bond added.

There will be a grand opening celebration on March 14.