New document filing system aims to save money for the county


A new process called Simplifile has been implemented in 2015 for Hamilton County, making it easier to submit government documents online and have them returned electronically.

The Carmel Clerk Treasurer’s Office says that in the past that when someone submitted documents to the Hamilton County Auditor’s Office then it had to physically go to several different offices throughout the process. If approved, it went to the recorder’s office to be stamped, but if denied then it went back to the clerk treasurer to get changes made. After the changes, the clerk treasurer’s office would bring the documents back to the county.

With this electronic process, the original copies never leave the hands of the submitter and all changes can be made using a computer. Originally, it would take six weeks to complete some processes but now it can all be finalized in around an hour.

“We are saving taxpayer dollars and employee time and mileage,” said Carmel Clerk-Treasurer Diana Cordray in a statement.