HSE School Board Recap


The Hamilton Southeastern School Board met on Feb. 23.

What Happened: The City of Fishers presented information about the Safe Routes to School Program. “We want to provide a broader picture of health and an active lifestyle. We are looking at beginning a program to walk to school as part of a walking school bus program,” said Fishers City Planner Rachel Johnson.

What It Means: The city was awarded $31,000 to fund a Safe Routes to School pilot project. Harrison Parkway Elementary School is partnering with the city to help promote an active, healthy lifestyle for students. Harrison Parkway students will pilot walking Wednesdays in April. The program also includes participation activities for parents. Board member Karen Harmer raised concerns about supervision and varying arrival times for children who walk to school

What’s Next: After the pilot program, the city will look to develop long-term goals for walkability and look to apply for infrastructure grants to contribute to help support the program.


What Happened: Stan Good from The Crossing alternative school to provide the HSE Board of School Trustees information about an alternative school for high school students who have struggled in a traditional school environment in the HSE school district.

What It Means: The school serves 9-12 grade students with small class to teacher ratios, core academics and job training. All Crossing students participate in service learning in the community. Students graduate with a state-accredited High School Diploma along with possible job certifications and essential work force soft skills.

What’s Next: Several Hamilton County school systems are considering partnerships with The Crossing to provide an alternative school setting for students who have been expelled or are in need of a different setting to succeed in high school.


What Happened: Principals Matt Kegley and Jason Urban updated board members on space usage for the College Career Academies in both high schools.

What It Means: Principal Urban detailed equipment and space usage to meet the needs of students and teachers. Highlights included movable desks, combined science labs, collaborative learning space with operable glass walls and project studio space. Comfortable seating, gathering stairs and small group study areas will be part of the Learning Commons area.

What’s Next: Building contractor Brad Skillman said that the construction is on schedule and should be completed in July, before the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.