Letter: It’s ‘time for real leadership’



The Feb. 24 edition of Current in Carmel contained a commentary by councilwoman Luci Snyder regarding the stop sign at 126th (Street) and Auman (Drive). Snyder writes she is conflicted by the choice of removing the sign for efficient movement of traffic thus benefiting the greater number of people or leaving it in and providing the Auman neighbors a left turn advantage onto 126th Street. In bold letters she asks, “WHAT IS THE COUNCIL TO DO?”

For starters, I propose following the recommendation of the trained, certified, professional city engineer. Or relying on fact-based evidence which shows seven to eight per day left hand turns versus a weekday average of 13,000 eastbound and westbound drivers? When all else fails, refer to professional documentation and nationally recognized standards, which do not support a stop sign at this three-way intersection.

Sadly, the city council ignored all of this and voted 4-3 to leave the stop sign in place.

I am here to say that while I respect their opinions and I am eager to engage in civil conversation about real issues, I disagree with their decision. Carmel has a solid reputation and proven track record for the efficient movement of traffic. That comes from the professionals who are employed at city hall and I believe they should be respected and trusted.

My opponent writes that this issue will be studied – again – and a real long-term solution will be found. Although a redesign of this roadway should be dealt with, I would submit that has nothing to do with removing this stop sign now. The council, and my opponent, had a chance to put this issue to rest and increase the safety of traffic for commuters, the neighborhoods and the backed up traffic into the Range Line Road intersection … but they chose to punt … they kicked the problem down the road.

The very essence of leadership is the ability to make a tough decision, even if it is unpopular. To sit back and pretend that you know more than a qualified professional and then act on that by voting against his recommendation … well, to me, that sounds like politics.

It is time for real leadership on our city council.

Jeff Worrell

Candidate for Carmel City Council