Back to school: Program support fees for athletics, extra-curricular activities 


HSE Board of School Trustees passed program support fees for athletics and extra-curricular activities as part of a budget study recommendation that will go into effect in the 2014-15 school year. The fees will raise approximately $385,000 in revenue for the General Fund that supports extra-curricular activities and athletics in addition to teacher salaries.

“We are currently implementing budget reductions. However, these fees will generate revenue that allows us to preserve programs and protect the classroom for our students and families,” said Supt. Dr. Brian Smith.

Initially, fees proposed were as high as some other districts at $225 per athlete per sport at the high school level and $100 at the junior high. After a review of the number of participants in our programs and the costs of different activities, the fees were reduced to $180 for high school athletes and $90 for junior high. In addition, it became apparent that many families had multiple children in athletics within the same grade levels (high school, junior high and intermediate) or had a student who was involved in multiple sports. The approved plan includes fee reductions for second, third, or more children from the same family or second, third or more sports for one student.

For example, a family with children in high school would pay:

$180 for the first child or sport

$120 for the second high school child or sport

$60 each for the third or more high school child or sport

At the junior high level, a family would pay

$90 for the first child or sport

$60 for the second junior high child or sport

$30 each for the third or more junior high child or sport

Program support fees apply to extracurricular activities at the high school at $30 each; junior high, $20; and intermediate schools, $10. Co-curricular activities that are extensions of school courses do not have fees nor do service/leadership types of organizations such as student council or National Honor Society. Fees do not apply for students who qualify for free/reduced lunch.