Back to school: Changes coming for buses


Transportation is currently revising over 900 routes to accommodate new students, as well as existing students who are changing schools. In an effort to reduce fuel costs and route times, we are also making every effort to establish as many corner stops as practicable.

Because of the heavy work load during the first two weeks of school, we will not be addressing any requests for route changes until Sept. 1. Bus routes will be available for viewing on Skyward on Aug. 6.

Street and road closures due to construction can and frequently does affect our routes. Please bear with us as we make route adjustments to circumnavigate these detours.

As always, we appreciate our parents’ cooperation and support in reviewing the bus rules, as depicted on our transportation web page, and for having the students at their bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.

We look forward to a smooth start to school and, hopefully, an uneventful winter.