Supreme Court plaintiff backs reorganization


Fishers resident fought Town on reorganization in Indiana Supreme Court

Mike Kole

Fishers resident Mike Kole made a decision that, by his own admission, is going to earn him extra scrutiny.

Kole recently endorsed reorganization for Fall Creek Township and the Town of Fishers.

Unlike a string of endorsements touted by the Citizens to Reorganize Fishers political action committee, Kole is one of the original plaintiffs on lawsuits that tried to compel the town council to put a city question on the ballot, as well as called reorganization into question.

“My perspective wasn’t enthusiastically City Yes,” Kole told Current in Fishers. “It was let the people decide.”

The lawsuit continued for two years and was recently decided and filed in March. The decision allows for reorganization to take place.

“It seems like the town was doing everything it could to test our will, to delay, just to make it difficult,” he said.

With the courts months behind him, Kole said he reviewed the questions on the upcoming ballot and what the implications of government are.

Kole favors reorganization even if the $1 million possible savings touted by Citizens to Reorganize Fishers does not go through.

“On the whole, it looks like the right elimination of government,” he said.

City Yes backs a system Kole does not want to see take hold in Fishers.

“Mike and I stood together in the lawsuit against the Town Council,” City Yes member and fellow plaintiff Joe Weingarten said. “We both believed the citizens of Fishers should not have their vote stolen by the council. I do, however, disagree with him on a mayor elected by the people versus one appointed by a council. I believe a city needs a focus and a person responsible to the citizens for the city’s actions.”

Kole said, “For me, the strong mayor is exactly what I’m afraid of.”

He cites neighboring Carmel’s situation with its mayor, Jim Brainard, as an experience he does not want Fishers to see.