Décor at the door


Nature is a bountiful provider of some of the most beautiful accessories for home décor. The season is replete with amazing decorating possibilities that literally fall at your feet.

Autumn decorating can be as simple as combining elements found in the garden, the backyard, along a wooded path, and treasures from the grocery store or farmer’s market. When combined with prized possessions that are tucked behind cabinet doors, these ordinary fruits of the season can take on an air of simple beauty.

Whatever gifts of nature are selected for decorating, pumpkins, gourds, apples, pears or acorns, they must be used in abundance. In classic mythology, the traditional fall accessory, the cornucopia, is described as a goat horn containing food and drink in endless supply. An urn or vase can serve as a stylized cornucopia if it is placed on its side while the fruits of the season spill on to the table with a splendid demeanor.

One of my favorite autumn accessories is the white pumpkin. Instead of carving triangle eyes and a mangled smile, think of the possibilities of this decorating container.

Imagine a table setting complete with a pumpkin used as a vase teeming with fresh fall flowers or as a candleholder completely filled with candles. When carved and cleaned, this autumn treasure can even double as a tureen for harvest soups.

Mother Nature has an amazing flair for decorating . . . she now offers her pumpkins in blue and coral as well. Not to be ignored are the traditional orange beauties that offer an incredible choice in size, shape and texture for decorating. In the event that you and Mother Nature disagree on colorations, there is always spray paint. Yep, spray paint! Pumpkins and gourds painted in shades of fuscia, stark white and gold offer an unexpected spark to the decor.

Autumn is the perfect time of the year for double duty decorating. The rich, harvest bounty which decorates the home when the chill in the air is new, easily transcends into a more elegant Thanksgiving home.

When it comes to decorating for the season of welcoming family and friends, remember that it is not about spending vast sums on seasonal decorations that will reside and collect dust for the remainder of the year in the attic.