Good Samaritan Network’s Nancy Chance recognized by Traditional Home


Good Samaritan Network Executive Director Nancy Chance was recently recognized by Traditional Home magazine’s eighth annual Classic Woman Awards.

The award recognizes five women across the United States “who exemplify the best in American volunteerism.”

This year, Chance is part of a group of volunteers from different corners of the country. However, she’s the only woman from the Midwest to receive the award.

Chance founded the Good Samaritan Network, a not-for-profit that threads together agencies, churches and officials in Hamilton County to organize and coordinate volunteerism and support for those in need.

Good Samaritan Network has been around since 1980, but was not formalized until 1995.

The organization is composed of 64 agencies, 240 churches, nine township trustees, 32 food pantries and three free medical clinics, according to Traditional Home.

Current in Fishers previously reported that anywhere from 900 to 1,500 people volunteer under the umbrella of Good Samaritan Network every year.