Aha moments of childhood


Once in a while, as parents we are witness to a moment when our child comes to a new realization about the world – it seems we can literally see the light bulb go on over his head. He has put two and two together and sees something with a clarity he didn’t have before. Being a child, his world is kid-centric and naturally assumes all things revolve around him. When he suddenly views his universe from a different perspective, his response can range from a bemused “huh!” to utter shock. Here are a few examples.

Adults actually have lives outside of their relation to you.

Remember the first time you saw your teacher at the grocery store or the mall? What was she doing outside of the class room? She was supposed to remain in school in some kind of stasis until we returned there for us to give her purpose again. I think kids often have the same view of parents. What a shock to learn that your mom and dad had identities before having children. They lived different places, had different jobs and even dated different people! Don’t be surprised if your kids look at you a little suspiciously after this revelation.

Mom is the power broker

After my kids would get home from a play date at a new friend’s house, I would always ask, “Did you have a good time?” to which their usual response was, “We had a blast!” Then I would ask, “Did the mom like you?” This aspect of the visit usually didn’t cross their mind. In reality, getting invited back was a function of how much the parent liked them, not how great a time they had. I personally have had kids over who probably went home raving about the awesome day they had at my house that I never intended to see then cross my front door again. So here’s the take away. Be nice to the mom. Engage in a little conversation. Say please, thank you and help clean up. Grasping who the real decision maker is in a situation can be a real eye-opener.

This is how you came to be

A mom and dad have to have sex in order to have a child. (Wait for it.) You are a child. The reaction to this aha moment is usually shock, horror and a profound “eww.” For a real kicker, watch your kid’s reaction when they realize what the existence of their siblings means.