Utilities Department conducts smoke testing


Beginning on or after June 28, 2012 Carmel Utilities will be conducting “smoke testing” in various areas of the Carmel sewer system.  Smoke testing is best conducted when the weather is dry and the current weather conditions make it an ideal time to do the testing. The process involves blowing smoke under pressure into the sanitary sewer line. Smoke will reveal itself by coming out of manhole lids that are not sealed tight, sewer lines that have defects, clean out caps that are missing and other defects. This is a step in the process of identifying areas that the Utilities or property owners may want to repair or replace.

The smoke is not harmful and has no odor. All property owners in the area where the smoke testing is being conducted will be contacted by Carmel Utilities staff before testing is started.  The City will also post on the city website www.carmel.in.gov the locations each week of the testing.  Nearby neighbors or others passing by may notice smoke coming out of unusual places.  The testing will be conducted over a period of two months. The Carmel Fire Department is aware of the testing that is underway.