Meet your teacher: Crissy Stephan


Second-grade teacher at Maple Glen Elementary

Meet your teacher Crissy Stephan mug

Number of years teaching: 11


East Noble High School, Kendallville, Ind.

Hanover College – bachelor’s degree in elementary education

Western Governors University – master’s degree in math education

Why did you become a teacher? I wanted to be a teacher in the first grade. I loved school and that passion never wavered. I thoroughly enjoyed learning because of the teachers I had: their kindness, motivation, patience and dedication. I wanted to do the same for children. I wanted to be able encourage children to be lifelong learners and instill a passion for wanting to achieve more.

What goals do you have for your students? I want my students to become goal-setters. I want them to be at the “driver’s wheel” and realize they have what it takes to achieve their personal best.

What do you encourage parents to do at home to help their children strengthen particular skills? I encourage parents to keep practicing basic addition math facts. Math continually builds on those foundational math facts. A solid foundation will pave the way for a smoother ride through math classes.

Favorite movie: “My Cousin Vinny”

Favorite musician: Paul Simon

What’s something your students might not know about you? I used to collect erasers. They were all different shapes from antique cars to Coca-Cola scented erasers. I had hundreds of them and I still have some.