Brainard releases new book


A new book on Carmel’s development and the planning behind it is now available. Mayor Jim Brainard has written a coffee table book discussing Carmel’s “emergence as a vibrant urban center.” During Brainard’s time in office, Carmel’s population has increased from 32,000 to more than 80,000 and the book, in part, explains Brainard’s efforts to redevelop Carmel into a “more walkable, traditional city” and avoid urban sprawl.

“The people of Carmel wanted a downtown. They wanted to have walkable streets that led somewhere besides another residential cul-de-sac,” Brainard wrote in the book’s introduction. “People want their neighborhoods to be more than places where they go to eat and sleep. They want their neighborhoods to be more interactive with the community they comprise.”

The book, published by Urban Renaissance Books, is available for $49.95 at