Westfield Welcome dollars placed in new fund


The City of Westfield has created a new fund to better organize finances.

On April 22, the Westfield City Council amended the rules in order to vote on an ordinance creating a new fund for Westfield Welcome.

“These are restricted funds. We have to separate them because they were under parks beautification,” Deputy Mayor Danielle Carey Tolan said. “All that money is really Westfield Welcome, which is restricted.”

The change does not represent additional money for Westfield Welcome, but rather a shift of money used by the city-run hospitality organization from one fund to another. The funds total $76,419.40.

“It is not appropriation of any more money other than what’s already been budgeted, we’re just going to move it into the right account so that it can be properly used by the right department,”  Clerk-Treasurer Marla Ailor said.

Within the new fund, revenue will be received via event, program, registration and sponsorship fees. Approved expenditures by ordinance are event, marketing and programming/operational expenses.

Westfield Welcome is the city’s department focused on community events and hospitality for residents and visitors.

The council approved the creation of the new fund unanimously.

Learn more about Westfield Welcome at westfieldwelcome.com.